23 August 2018
World Meeting of Families

Baumann Spouses (Retrouvaille International), “Marriage is a constant process of growth” in which “to engage and work together”

“Retrouvaille” is a program for rediscovering marriage, intended for couples in conflict or in crisis because, for example, the detection of infidelity; it teaches couples to communicate on an emotional level and reflects the Christian values of commitment, love, trust, and forgiveness in the marriage relationship. Today, Leigh and Steve Baumann, of Retrouvaille International (USA and Canada), illustrated this during the panel discussion on the Reality of Love in Family Life in the context of the Pastoral Congress at the Dublin World Meeting of Families. “Retrouvaille,” they explain, “is a completely voluntary ministry that offers a marriage program that teaches practical tools to help couples improve their communication, build a stronger marriage, and rediscover the love they had for each other.” According to the two experts, there are four phases in married life: romance; disillusionment “when we begin to understand that our spouse is not exactly like us”; suffering, and a “time of awakening or rediscovery.” Retrouvaille offers tools that allow couples to move continuously through the phases of marriage “with the awareness that marriage is a constant process of growth.” Both spouses “must decide to engage themselves” and “work together to improve their marriage.” “We can decide,” they concluded, “to love, commit, trust, and forgive in order to create an atmosphere of love in which our relationships can grow and prosper.”