22 August 2018
World Meeting of Families

Villaseñor Couple (large family), “No family is perfect, it requires growth in the ability to love”

“Marriage is a combination of joys and privations, tensions and rest, suffering and liberation, satisfaction and searching, annoyance, and joy. No family is a perfect reality; it requires gradual growth in the capacity to love,” said José Luis Villaseñor, as he spoke together with his wife Verónica (members of a Mexican association of large families) this morning, during the panel session on Marriage as a Path to Joy Today, at the World Meeting of Families being held in Dublin. Reflecting their own history, the Villaseñor spouses recalled one of the most difficult moments, the death of two of their children in a traffic accident. During 36 years of marriage, “we have had the opportunity to accompany other married couples who have gone through difficult situations, always with the clear idea that marriage is an indissoluble sacrament,” they said, “Unfortunately, these days, there are many young couples who see marriage as something disposable and replaceable.” Their commitment led them to participate in groups that fight against the dissemination of certain practices such as abortion and same-sex union, and finally to being appointed members of the Pontifical Council for the Family. Quoting a recent study on marriage in Mexico, the Villaseñor couple pointed out that 90.7% of those interviewed believe that the family is very important. “In most cases, happy families are founded on a married couple strengthened and united, despite economic shortcomings.” Finally, in light of their personal experience, they noted: “We have been able to see that, when a married couple focuses on educating their children and cares about the transmission of faith and ethical education, the children learn to live with greater security, harmony and are happier.”