25 September 2018
Local Churches

Women’s Leadership in the Ecclesial World

From Chile, a meeting in the framework of the diocesan pastoral guidelines of Valdivia

A meeting focused on women’s “leadership” within the ecclesial world is the original initiative taken by the Diocese of Valdivia (Chile), in the framework of the diocesan pastoral guidelines for 2018.

The encounter is scheduled for 29 September, and women pastoral workers are invited and engaged both at the diocesan level and in the parishes.

The Apostolic Administrator, Father Gonzalo Espina, explains on the site of the diocese: “We want to let ourselves be confronted by new times and new challenges, with what they entail, through a proactive attitude that helps us to elaborate a pastoral guide in Jesus’ style, in the name of equality, service, and transversality. We all know that the ideal of the relationship between men and women was established by Jesus Christ, with the words and gestures expressed in the Gospel. We want to nourish this day with our experiences of pastoral and Gospel guidance.”

According to the organizing group, it is very enriching to reread of the leadership skills of women in the Church, to listen to testimonies, and to identify concrete characteristics, opportunities, and difficulties, with the belief that this choice is made “by welcoming the motion of the Spirit.”