16 November 2018
Young People

Born to love

Today, the Diocese of Rome opens the Meeting of young people in love

This afternoon the “Meeting of Young People in Love” will open, an appointment promoted by the Centre for Family Pastoral Care of the Diocese of Rome on the theme “Born to Love.  Whom can I make happy and how can I make the world a better place?”.

Among the “witnesses of desire” of the event, which includes entertainment and moments for listening, are Franco Nembrini, Costanza Miriano, Beatrice Fazi, Father Pietro Marini and Pierluigi Bartolomei. These presentations, the promotors have explained, will be “positive stories of a lofty vision of life, to help us discover the true sense of human existence and the richness of love between a man and a woman, capable of making life happier, more fruitful and more beautiful for everybody”.