20 April 2018

A Prayer to Save Alfie Evans

Bishop Francesco Cavina launches a prayer network to “melt hearts and make walls crumble”

After having accompanied Alfie's father, Thomas Evans, during his encounter with Pope Francis for an interview at Casa Santa Marta, today the Bishop of Carpi, Msgr. Francesco Cavina, has launched a call to prayer.

Despite the availability of some pediatric hospitals to accommodate little Alfie in Italy and save him from a death sentence decided by striking rulings that ignore the little patient’s right to life and the agony of his young parents, the English courts seem unyielding.

Bishop Cavina, instructed by the Holy Father to moderate the relations between the Secretariat of State, the Evans family, and Bambino Gesù Hospital, has sent the following message to the Dicastery, with an invitation to give it the greatest possible resonance in the media and on the social networks: “Only the power of prayer—we read in the message, which we propose below in its full version—can melt hearts and make the walls that now seem insurmountable crumble.”




Little Alfie Evans is condemned to death by a second instance of the English High Court. His parents are struggling for their child's life. The Pope received his father in audience. Bambino Gesù and Gaslini Hospitals are ready to care for the little patient who is not allowed to leave the country. This is his last hope. Only the power of prayer can melt hearts and make the walls that now seem insurmountable crumble. Join the network of hearts and say a prayer for Alfie and his family.