22 October 2018

Truth and Values in the Family and in the Community

The traditional family will always be needed in the globalized future

A few days ago, Father  José Guillermo Gutiérrez from our Dicastery attended a conference called "Truth and Values in the Family and in the Community", organized by the Catholic University of Salta (Argentina).

On the 16th  he held a conference with the pastoral agents of the diocese on the topic: "How the Family Builds the Future", while on Wednesday 17th October he talked about “ The Family, laboratory and hope for the World” in the Lecture Hall of the University. " On this occasion, Father Gutiérrez illustrated the key results of the social research on “The Family as a Resource for Society”  to the principal University authorities and a large group of students and teachers. He  dwelt especially on the fact that in the current globalized world, there will be more and more need for the traditional family composed of a man and a woman  united in a stable relationship, socially recognized, together with their children and included in a network of families allowing them to acquire an identity and provide those relational assets which constitute an indispensable patrimony for the wellbeing of people and a society with a future.