29 July 2019
SECAM Jubilee

Prefect Farrell’s message: “Family Love is the Path to Holiness”

Giubileo Secam.jpeg

“To live our love of the familiy, even amidst daily failings and difficulties, with faith and, perseverance, is the path to holiness and this is always possible when we make room for Christ as a faithful presence in our lives”.

These are the words of Prefect Kevin Farrell in the message he sent to the Symposium of the Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) for their Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The Prefect expressed the wish that the Jubilee will be “ an opportunity to take on board and begin to examine the theme chosen by Pope Francis for the forthcoming X World Meeting of Families to be held in Rome:  ‘Family Love: Vocation and path to holiness. “I sincerely hope” – continued the cardinal – “that the Jubilees Year and the celebration of SECAM’s 50th anniversary, will lead you, like families, to a renewed ecclesial experience with the power of the Holy Spirit”.