13 March 2019

Alliance Men-Women: gift and duty

The direction of Society and the Church, according to Pope Francis, requires a new alliance between men and women but equally as urgent – for the Church – is to think of herself with “the categories of a woman”

Last week, invited by the Patriarch of Venice,  Marta Rodriguez, an officer of our Dicastery committed to issues regarding women, had  meetings with  seminarians (“Mary’s Lent”), priests (“The Alliance between Men and Women”), teachers and university students (“The Truth Will Make You Free” and “To Be a Woman Today at University”), pastoral care workers (“To Give Meaning to the Body. Some indications for a relational grammar” and “Family as the ground for Compassion”).  Different audiences and occasions (retreats, conferences, round tables) but only one common thread: relations between men and women in their specific and complementary  symbolic value.  We are attaching two of Martha’s texts inspired by Pope Francis’s appeal during his impromptu address during the recent summit on the protection of minors when he invited the entire Church  to think of herself with  “the categories of a woman”.