15 April 2021
Forum for Catholic NGOs

Towards a More Inclusive Society

A document by the Forum for Catholic Inspired NGOs on this time of pandemic
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The Forum for Catholic Inspired NGOs has recently published, in four languages, a document titled: “Towards a More Inclusive Society,” which compiles the common position of NGOs working all over the world, NGOs which often have representation in international institutions, on to “move forward in a world marked by unprecedented changes.” 

The document, divided into eight chapters or thematic groups, is the fruit of a collaborative effort on the part of all the institutions belonging to the Forum of Catholic NGOs. The publication addresses the challenges of proclaiming the faith, as well as the social doctrine of the Church in such important topics as health, education, human rights, migration, young people, and the family.

The document is written in a simple and clear style, and contains numerous quotations and references to the magisterium of the Popes, in particular to that of Pope Francis and in accord with the Encyclical Letter “Fratelli Tutti.”

This compilation is undoubtedly a very useful resource for addressing the problems of today’s society in this time of pandemic, and can serve as a tool for reflection on how to make our world more a more inclusive place, while keeping in mind that inclusivity is not an accomplishment or a goal to be achieved, but is rather a process to be lived.