23 November 2017
Movements and Associations

The Fruitful Charism of the Emmanuel Community

Cardinal Farrell celebrates a Mass of Thanksgiving in Rome for the Association born in France over forty years ago and for the abundant fruits that it is generating in the Church

A Mass of thanksgiving for the Emmanuel Community was celebrated yesterday in Rome, in the church of San Lorenzo in Piscibus, by Cardinal Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life. This international association of faithful was approved in 1992 by the then Pontifical Council for the Laity. The participants gave thanks for a community that produces many fruits in the fields of the mission, vocations, and developments in new countries that show the fruitfulness of a charism born over forty years ago in France.

The celebration was organized on the occasion of the approval of changes in the Community’s Statutes made necessary by the creation of the Emmanuel Community’s Clerical Association, approved by the Congregation for the Clergy on 15 August of this year.
Nearly 250 priests, so far all incardinated in dioceses and serving the mission in the local churches, are members of the Emmanuel Community. The new legislation of the association of faithful and the creation of the clerical association make it possible to better integrate the members of the community in its life and apostolate, thanks to the possibility of now incarnating Community’s members-priests in its clerical association.

The statutes of both associations provide for a single organism of communion that makes possible and coordinates the collaboration of these two distinct entities in the unique mission. Starting with the day’s Gospel reading, the Cardinal urged those present—including the Community’s current general moderator, Laurent Landete, the Council members, and many priests—to make good use of the “coin” they have received and always create other richesses: “This coin is your charism! This coin is the experience of God! This coin is your faith in the true presence of ‘God with us’! This coin is the missionary ardor that God has kindled in your hearts!” Finally, he concluded with a prayer asking for “the grace to be good and faithful administrators of his riches.”


Thanksgiving Mass for Emmanuel Community - 22 Nov 2017