04 March 2019

The love of life comes from divine wisdom, sought and lived

The evolution of technology must be to care for life not to destroy it. This is Cardinal Farrell’s message in the ceremony at the end of the XXV Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV)

God  is the author of life and this is why those who love God love life”.  Standing on God’s side always means taking a stand for life; on the contrary, there is always opposition between the author of life and its negation. Cardinal Farrell recalls the strong words of Pope Francis last year also addressed to the PAV Assembly: “The global vision of bioethics will strive with greater commitment and rigour to  break free from complicity with the dirty work of death”. It is for this reason that those who decide, with an upright conscience, to work for life will go through challenging times and will have to accept a rigorous and disinterested research discipline in order to be free from prejudice and their own opinions, if these should prove not to be true,  to have, perhaps, to give up personal interests, to have the strength to witness the truth against the opinion of the majority, to persevere in one’s own commitment despite general indifference or scarce results.