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The Life Ascending experience began in Paris in the 1950s when groups of elderly people first began to meet together with André d’Humières. It became an association in 1962 with the support of Most Rev. Stanislas Courbe, Auxiliary Bishop of Paris and first General Secretary of French Catholic Action. It spread from France to Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and some African countries. In 1985, spurred on by René Tardy and with the encouragement of the then President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, Cardinal Eduardo Francisco Pironio, Life Ascending International was founded in Rome to facilitate the expansion of the association to every continent. On 25 March 1996 the Pontifical Council for the Laity decreed the recognition of Life Ascending International as an international association of the faithful. As an NGO, Life Ascending International has consultative status with ECOSOC.



Life Ascending International brings together national organisations for the apostolate of the laity that work for the pastoral care of pensioners and the elderly. These people are both the recipients and the agents of their evangelisation. The objectives of the Association are to help older people to live in friendly relationship with each other; to strengthen their faith and spiritual life; and to express their Christian commitment within their families, society and the Church with concrete actions. In particular, the Association is committed to preparing older people for the challenges of the contemporary world so that they can address them with confidence and see them as new opportunities for evangelisation.



The governing bodies of Life Ascending International are: the General Assembly, which meets every four years and defines the action plan of the Association; the International Steering Committee, made up of continental representatives; an Executive Committee composed of a president, a vice-president, a treasurer and a secretary. The Steering Committee appoints the ecclesiastical assistant of the Association.

The organisation of the movements varies according to the peculiarities of each country, but in general there are monthly group meetings held at parish level, as well as diocesan and national events. Meetings are also organised on a continental and international level.



Life Ascending International publishes a monthly Newsletter and a Bulletin several times a year.





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