06 December 2017

Experiences of Love

Films proposed by the association Cattolica Esercenti Cinema for reflecting together on the family

The project entitled “Esperienze d'amore” (Experiences of Love), promoted by the Catholic association "Esercenti Cinema" for the Office of Family Ministry of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, is dedicated to the papal exhortation “Amoris Laetitia."

So far the association has chosen nine films to be projected in aulas and parishes, as well as in cultural and associative centers as a critical contribution on the theme of the family and love relationships.

The first film, “Mon Roi” (My King), is an intense and courageous existential French film, which offers a meditation on the possibility of recognizing sick love.

“Noi 4” (We 4), directed by Francesco Bruni, helps to highlight the risk of idealizing the life of the family, of marriage and of the couple, while love is an imperfect experience, just like the people who live and nourish it.

In the next film, “Demolition,” the protagonist, Davis, learns to feel like a ruin in an earthquake of affections that leaves nothing with its previous meaning. This is followed by “That Fantastic Worst Year of My Life” by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, “No Kids” by Ariel Winograd, “Microbe & Gasoline,” “The Swedish Theory of Love,” “Piuma” (Feather) and “Rara” (Strange), which also includes a contribution of the theologian Francesco Pesce, dedicated to living with his son not as a possession and conserving the love that gave him life, despite that the fact that the spouses have broken their bond.