02 November 2017

Lay people and Families: The Yeast of Inclusion

The introductory speech by the Prefect Card. Farrell at the conference on sports as an instrument for welcoming and growth

“Sport can unite people beyond their geographical or cultural background, their race or religion. Sports allows us to look towards the other, to walk, supporting those who are next to us and so to build a world that is more humane.” With these words, the Prefect Card. Kevin Farrell introduced the conference on “Inclusive Sports: A Look towards the Other” that was held in the Pio XI Hall of Palazzo San Calisto on Tuesday, October 31st.

“It is necessary to reiterate, in this time—he continued—the countless benefits of sports for our society and for the world. The time we live is the time of the laity. And the lay people, the families are invited—concluded the Cardinal—to become yeast that ferments the milieu in which they find themselves and can do this even through sports.”