04 October 2018

Christ at the Centre

Cardinal K. Farrell inaugurated the new offices of the Dicastery with a Holy Mass: “Everything we do is for the love of Him. We see Him in the people who receive, to whom we talk or to whom we simply write.” Jesus is the centre of everything, including our work in these premises

The offices of the Dicastery for the Laity Family and Life were inaugurated and blessed with the celebration of the Holy Mass, where the staff of the two previous Pontifical Councils are now also physically present. Cardinal Farrell affirmed in his homily, that “the service we provide to the Holy See is not to make a profit and for this reason our work has a purely ideal inspiration.  We will never be able to value the good performance of our Dicastery on the budget alone. Service to the world of the laity, family and life will always be driven by idealism and can never be quantified”.

Hence an invitation to renewed commitment with new energy and open hearts: “Therefore, let us always look higher than ourselves, let us look with interest at all those whom we are called upon to serve and to whom we wish to bring the light of Christ, a light that has already done so much good for us. It is this simple but profound handwritten message that Pope Francis left us at the end of his visit to the Dicastery on 30th October 2017. He wrote: Do not be afraid, expand your horizons, go forth and listen to the reality of the people and to announce Jesus Christ”.