25 March 2018

Life: A “Marvelous Gift" to Announce Inside and Outside the Church

The first interview with the undersecretary of the section for life, Gabriella Gambino: “Giving birth in a horizon of freedom and responsibility, aware of the inviolable value of every human life”

“It seems urgent to me for us, especially in the Church, to work not only to succeed in educating women in their bioethical profile and to make them aware of the challenges they must recognize in relation to their bodies, sexuality, motherhood, and the value of life, but we must also to know how to accompany them when they have to make choices that have important ethical repercussions in their lives.”

The undersecretary of the Dicastery’s section for life, Gabriella Gambino, said this in a dense interview published on the website Aleteia.

“Forming priests, pastoral workers, educators, and parents—she continues—is urgent. Women must regain the awareness of being the true guardians of human life and not be afraid of their motherhood. After all, as I read in a beautiful book about Mary, without the courage of a man and a woman even God could not have children. The ability and the joy of generating life within a horizon of freedom and responsibility, with the awareness of the inviolable value of every human life, is the marvelous gift that God has given us. Now—she concludes—we are beginning to announce this joy again both inside and outside the Church.”