07 June 2019

An encouragement for evangelization and unity

The heads of the Dicastery at the inaugural event for the new body at the service of the current o grace of Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Yesterday, Cardinal Kevin Farrell gave a strong encouragement to welcome the novelty of Charis with joy. He was addressing the 1st Conference organized by the new Single International Service for Catholic Charismatic Renewal, a body intensely wished for by Pope Francis.

Thus, an encouragement to “go forth” to evangelize and to announce the Word of God, to promote unity with Christians of other denominations, to serve the poor and needy and offer the grace of Baptism in the Holy Spirit to everyone, without any exclusion whatsoever. Encouragements that the Prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life reiterated during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at the altar of St. Peter’s Throne in the Basilica of St. Peter’s at the end of the morning.

Father Alexandre Awi Mello, Secretary of the Dicastery also participated in the Conference Programme and today celebrated mass in the Basilica for the over five hundred participants at the event. His words contained the invitation to reflect upon some key words that the Gospel offers today:  : the exercise of leadership in love, putting ourselves at the service of the “flock”, obeying the Word of the Lord, even when his wishes are so different from our own, seek communion.

The event officially inaugurates the service of Charis, whose Statutes will enter into force on the Holy Feast of Pentecost, Sunday 9th June. On that day the activities of International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services and The Catholic Fraternity, the two international bodies recognized by the Holy See that provided the service of Renewal throughout the world up until now, will cease.

On Saturday,  hundreds more people are expected to participate  in the event in the Paul VI Audience Hall where they will await the arrival of Pope Francis together and listen to his words.

CHARIS International Conference