04 May 2021

Four “waypoints” for the Road Ahead of Catholic Action

Cardinal Farrell’s Address to the Participants of the National Assembly of Catholic Action Italy

The XVII Assembly of Catholic Action Italy, entitled “I have many people in this city”, took place this past April 25 to May 2. The assembly met online, due to the pandemic.

The Prefect of the Dicastery wished to address this important assembly, attended by more than 800 delegates representing the 270,000 members of Catholic Action who elected the new National Council, and indicated four “waypoints” (items or coordinates) that will be an effective resource in addressing the problems of the association and of today’s society and that will be shaped in the assembly document.

“First of all [is] the Amoris Laetitia Family Year”. Farrell invited those present to “embrace the Year of the Family desired by the Holy Father, putting your great pastoral experience and your widespread presence in the area at the service of all the families present in Italy. You know that this special year will conclude with the World Meeting of Families, to be held in Rome on June 22. This too will be a great ecclesial event that will closely involve all of you in Catholic Action.”

“The second “waypoint” is the Year of Saint Joseph. This initiative can also be a great stimulus for Catholic Action to promote an in-depth reflection on the paternal role and to propose paths of formation aimed specifically at men.” The third “waypoint” proposed by the Prefect in his greeting is the “apostolate of hope”. “In this difficult moment of health, economic and social crisis that Italy, like every other nation in the world, is experiencing because of the pandemic, it is important that all Catholic Action groups represent a sign of hope for all of society.”

In conclusion, the last “waypoint”: “Lastly, I would like to suggest a focus on youth. Pope Francis believes that it is precisely in moments of crisis that the “dreams” and the ideals of the youngest among us can help us to look toward the future with confidence. The same can be said you, too. Don’t ever stop believing in the potential of young people. Don’t be afraid to invest time and energy in the spiritual and human formation of young people, because it is they who will bear the “witness” of the faith to future generations.”