30 January 2017

A Parish in the Suburbs for Cardinal Farrell



The parish that Pope Francis has assigned to Card. Farrell is in the suburbs: it is, in fact, the last parish of the diocese of Rome, located a few meters beyond San Giuliano Martyr Church in the direction of the Diocese of Porto and Santa Rufina. The territory of this parish, which runs along the Via Cassia, is characterized by a significant presence of immigrants, many of whom live in squats bordering wealthy neighborhoods.
This is the community that yesterday welcomed Card. Farrell, as he came to take possession of the diaconate of San Giuliano Martyr, on the saint’s liturgical feast day. In a festive and solemn atmosphere, accompanied by music composed for the occasion, many welcomed the new titular cardinal. “This is my Parish!” exclaimed Card. Farrell to express his bond with the community of San Giuliano. Then, after pointing out that the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life is the one that takes care of the young and organizes the World Youth Days, he added: “And San Giuliano was precisely a layman and young! This young native of Dalmatia, who came to Italy driven by the sole desire to proclaim the Gospel and bear witness to Christ with his life, even embraced martyrdom in order to remain faithful to his baptism.





His figure encourages me to think that, today as well, there are many among the laity and many young people who are enthusiastic about their faith and ready to face countless sacrifices in order to be consistent with their faith and to convey it to others.”

After the Mass, the celebration continued with the encounter of many families of the parish.







Take of possession of the diaconate of San Giuliano Martyr by card. Kevin Farrell