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FIAC was founded as an initiative of the national associations and movements of Catholic Action in Argentina, Austria, Spain, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Paraguay and Romania (Romanian Church United with Rome). Following the 1987 Synod on the vocation and mission of the laity in the Church and in the world, and the publication of the post-synodal apostolic exhortation Christifideles Laici, they felt the need to create a structure that would foster encounters, exchange and solidarity among associations and movements of Catholic Action. 

The constitutive assembly of IFCA took place in Rome in November 1991, in the presence of Card. Eduardo F. Pironio, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, who encouraged and supported the nascent stages of the Forum. Since its birth, the Forum has constantly promoted continental meetings, weeks of formation for young people, and seminars. On June 29, 1995, the Pontifical Council for the Laity decreed its recognition of the International Forum of Catholic Action as an international organization. In 2007, IFCA, together with other entities, established the Catholic Action Foundation Pius XI School of Sacntity. IFCA is a member of the Global Catholic Climate Movement.



IFCA is a meeting place for associations and federations of Catholic Action movements from different countries, which aims to live in friendship and solidarity, to analyse the themes of globalisation and to encourage and aid the participation of lay people in the life of the Church and society. It proposes the fostering of mutual understanding among the various associations and between leaders and assistants, the promotion of the identity of Catholic Action in different contexts at the service of the local Church and collaboration with the various levels of the life of the Church on a national, regional, continental and universal level. It also desires to establish relationships of dialogue and collaboration on shared objectives with all organisations of lay apostolate at the international level and to represent the associations and federations of Catholic Action movements belonging to the Forum before the Holy See and at international civil organizations.



The governing bodies of IFCA are the Assembly, the General Secretariat (consisting of five lay members, usually National Presidents, designated by different countries and elected every four years by the Ordinary Assembly), the Coordinator of the Secretariat, the Ecclesiastical Assistant, the Administrator and the Secretary. IFCA operates through coordinating boards for continents and regions (Africa, America, Europe-Mediterranean, Holy Land and Middle East, Asia), coordinating boards for various age groups (Adults, Youth, Young People) and a coordinating board for assisting priests.



IFCA is the promoter of several widespread international initiatives. These include "One Minute for Peace" (June 8, 1 p.m.), first launched in 2014 in support of the "Invocation for Peace" meeting promoted by Pope Francis on June 8 in the Vatican Gardens together with the President of Israel, the Palestinian National Authority and the Patriarch of Constantinople. Another initiative proposed each year is "Nov. 1. All Saints. Our most authentic identity card": which involves reflection and prayer, along with small suggestions regarding how one might celebrate the solemnity together, as well as how one might better to get to know the many saints of the Church, and the many testimonies of the "saints next door" in Catholic Action in various nations. 

In addition, IFCA actively participates in days promoted together with other groups. Special and constant attention is given to the "Good Friday Collection" for the Holy Land, which includes initiatives to encourage sharing.



Newsletter is published digitally in Italian, French, English and Spanish. This publication offers reflections on the Magisterium of the Pope as well as testimonies from Catholic Action in each of the four aforementioned languages.





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