The Dicastery promotes the pastoral ministry of marriage and the family based upon the Church's Magisterium, working to ensure that the rights and duties of spouses and the family are recognized in the Church itself, as well as in society, the economy and politics. In this regard, it organizes and supports international meetings and events. It also follows the activities of national and international Catholic institutes, associations, movements and organizations whose purpose is to serve the good of the family.

With the support of the Bishops' Conferences and the Eastern Churches, the Dicastery examines the variety of anthropological, social, cultural and economic conditions of family life.

Assisted by experts, the Dicastery studies and investigates the causes of crises in marriages and families, gathering and promoting models of pastoral accompaniment, formation of consciences and the integration for civilly remarried divorcees as well as for those who, in some cultures, live in situations of polygamy.

To achieve these goals, the Dicastery collaborates with the Pontifical Theological Institute “John Paul II” for Marriage and the Family Sciences.





Grandparents and the Elderly
80 representatives of bishops’ conferences and international associations at the webinar organised ahead of the 4th World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

  The webinar on the pastoral care of the elderly – organised on the occasion of the publication of the Holy Father's message and pastoral kit for the 4th World Day for Grandparents and the ...

Supporting imperfect and struggling families

    Organised by the Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF) of the International University of Catalunya (UIC) in Barcelona, the second edition of Days for Family ...

The Elderly
Pope Francis with grandparents, the elderly and grandchildren: ‘The Caress and the Smile’

        On Saturday 27 April, the Paul IV Hall filled with almost 6000 people who participated in a special Audience - ‘The Caress and the Smile’ - that was organised by the Great ...