“The best investment in the future of the Church and civil society as a whole”

The message of Cardinal Prefect Farrell to the participants at the International Catholic Conference of Scouting

“Always be conscious that time and energy spent on the formation of the spirit, mind and character of young people is the best investment in the future of the Church and civil society as a whole. Indeed, it is one of the most beautiful and rewarding ways in which we adults can give our lives for others, as Jesus has taught us to do”. The Prefect, Card. Kevin Farrell wrote this in his message to the participants at International Catholic Conference of Scouting, which will conclude its meeting in Rome tomorrow.


Invited to hold an opening speech but unable to attend because he was in Washington these days as the Pope’s special envoy for the inauguration of the dome in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception dedicated to the Holy Trinity, the Cardinal Prefect underlined in his message the important role played by educators: “Young people who have had the good fortune to meet real educators on their path of life, may perhaps forget many of their words or even the group activities they took part in, but they will never forget the love that burnt in the heart of those adults who accompanied them. Likewise, they will not forget the attention and interest shown them by real educators, who made them feel like people who were not only important, but unique.”


Cardinal Farrell, therefore, concluded that “it is important for educators in general, and for Christian educators in particular, to find within themselves more and more the joy and enthusiasm that comes from passing on something truly great to the young people entrusted to their care”.

09 December 2017