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At the Vatican Museums, 12 works of an artistic path reflecting the beauty of human relationships

Accompaniment of the suffering, care for the sick, and the relationship between generations are not only at the center of the XXIII General Assembly of the Academy for Life that was held a few days ago but also an artistic itinerary for contemplating the beauty of the human relations.

This is the aim of the exhibit created by the Academy in the collaboration with the Vatican Museums, where it will remain until 5 January 2018. As Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, PAV President, explains, this is “a parade of faces and stories that come out meet us, filled with compassion, wisdom, and humanity, enriched by artistic presentations curated by the Vatican Museums and by commentaries written by several Members of the Academy for Life from around the world: great scientists and eminent scholars who present from their qualified perspective the beauty of taking care of each other.”

Barbara Jatta, director of the Museums, emphasized that “We have chosen a core group of works that reflect the temporal flow of our collections, giving special consideration to the several papal contributions, from Greek and Roman statuary, through Raphael, Guido Reni, and Domenichino, to the artists of today. These works of art will lead the visitor to realize that art knows how to be a true and, perhaps, matchless interpreter of that desire of every heart: to feel, not alone, but rather part of an unbroken web of human relationships.”

12 October 2017