“A challenge to be grasped for turning the difficulties into a better future”

De Palo (Forum of Associations) on the news of the next World Meeting of Families to be held in Rome in 2021

“We welcome with joy and a bit of trepidation the words from Dublin announcing that the next World Meeting of Families will be held in Rome, in 2021.” This is the comment of Gigi De Palo, national president of the Italian Forum of Family Associations, in reaction to the announcement made by Prefect Kevin Farrell at the end of the Mass presided by Pope Francis in Dublin.

“For all Italian families, but also and especially for Italy,” adds De Palo, “the next three years will be a real challenge to grasp, a wonderful opportunity that cannot fail to incite all of the country’s members, the government, enterprises, civil society, and the mass media to do their best to transform today’s difficulties into a better future. The Forum of Family Associations, for its part, will always do its share to serve families, with the hope that, in three years, Italy may have reversed the course of the birthrate and started a process that allows it to be at the forefront with regard to family policies.”


03 September 2018