The gift of life: joy, gratitude and fullness

Message from Gabriella Gambino at the VI "National Pro-life Congress" in Miami


The VI "National Pro-life Congress", hosted by Archbishop Thomas Wenski and the Archdiocese of Miami, was held in Miami from October 29 to 31 last. Gathered there were members of the Hispanic/Latino Catholic community who provide leadership in activities related to respect for life, family and evangelization in family life. For the first time, participation in the event was both in-person and online.

In her video message, Prof. Gambino expressed her joy to see "how many initiatives are promoted for the protection of human life, how many concrete testimonies, how many life support centers and how many people are continuously prepared and trained to accompany families, couples and women in the crucial moments of their lives."

Thus, she stressed the value of life, especially when it is in situations of extreme fragility: "it is necessary today not only to accompany, but also to support and encourage mothers, fathers and families in the protection of all fragile life, from the moment of conception until natural death and at every stage of life."

Through her personal experience, Prof. Gambino recalls that "every human life changes the history of a man and a woman, of a family, of a community." She continues, "every human being writes with his life a piece of the history of the world and is irreplaceable in it. Also for this reason, every human life must be welcomed, loved and cared for. Always!"

Giving thanks for the testimony of those who care about human life, Prof. Gambino concluded her video message by encouraging the participants of the event, asking them not to be afraid to be fathers and mothers and motivated them to understand "the sense and importance of knowing how to generate others to true life, to that fullness that can give joy and gratitude for the gift received with one's existence.

31 October 2021