The “Billings revolution” 70 years later: from fertility knowledge to personalized medicine

WOOMB International Congress
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Last 28 and 29 April, Italian and international experts, professors and speakers discussed the development of the scientific and educational program from fertility knowledge to personalized medicine.

The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome hosted the WOOMB International Conference: the “Billings revolution” 70 years later: from fertility knowledge to personalized medicine. In-depth medical and scientific topics as well as reflections on the value of knowledge and prevention in the current emergency of the decreased birth-rate and couple infertility were discussed; proposals were presented and experiences were shared on the theme of the formation and dialogue of couples in intercultural and interreligious contexts, as well as an overview of the reality of the Billings Ovulation Method in the world.

Gabriella Gambino, Under-secretary of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, spoke as moderator of Session III on Saturday, April 29, entitled: “A revolution for culture: anthropology, education, politics”.

Understand the meaning of responsible procreation

"The ideology surrounding postmodern thinking regarding the value of human life, procreation, motherhood and fatherhood, makes it difficult today to get people to understand the meaning of responsible procreation: life proceeds from God and is entrusted to men and women within a family (John Paul II, Gratissimam Sane, 39) One could say: the man and woman are those without whose courage not even God could have children. That is, God entrusts Himself to us, in His hope of having children to love." With these words, Prof. Gambino addressed the participants, opening Session III of the Congress.  "It is so simple. So intuitive. And it is all entrusted to our freedom."

"It is important to retrieve the Latin etymology of the meaning of the word res-ponsibility: rem-ponderare and res-pondere to our choices, not only to ourselves, but also to others before us, to the individual we bring into the world and to God. Young people do not know the beauty of the authentic meanings of words. Let us not take them for granted in a world that often distorts concepts, language and the meaning of words. We are the adults who have to pass on this wonderful legacy to them", emphasized Gambino, "and for that we have to perform a true 'labour of love' that is in depth, without being afraid to propose the methods of natural fertility regulation in the proclamation of married life. These are methods that now have a scientific and documented basis”.

Tools to choose the fullness of love

"If we really want to give our children the truth of life, if we really want to see them happy," she suggested in conclusion, "let's give them the tools to choose the fullness of love, to be able to experience the beauty of being mature men and women, capable of authentic self-giving".

The Congress was sponsored by the Study and Research Center for Natural Fertility Regulation-ISI, the Center for Research and Studies on Procreative Health, the University Pastoral Center, the World Organization Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB), and the University Center in Bioethics and Life Sciences, in collaboration with the Italian Ovulation Method Billings OdV (CIMOB-OdV) and Donum Vitae Associations.


30 April 2023