Associations and movements

For a faithful transmission of the charism received as a gift

An insight into the meaning of the statutes for an association that is recognized by the Church
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The statutes of an associations are a "guarantee for safeguarding the charism" that generated them.

A statutory text reflects and guards the life and charism typical of an ecclesial reality

If one looks at the statutory norms, at the structure that they necessarily give to ecclesial realities sparked by the Holy Spirit, it comes natural to think of an "encapsulation of the creativity of the Spirit." However, "a statutory text, insofar as it reflects the life and charism typical of an ecclesial reality, guards it, in that it identifies the appropriate ways to live it and implement it concretely." This is how Linda Ghisoni, Under-secretary of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, explained the importance taken on by the statutes of an association that is recognized by the Church, and in particular for an association that grows and spreads, and finds itself called upon to faithfully transmit its identity over time. The opportunity to pronounce these words was the General Convention of the Magnificat Community, a charismatic organization born in Perugia, Italy, whose statutes are being studied by the Dicastery, with a view to approval.

Linda Ghisoni spoke on the morning of April 30, bringing greetings from the Prefect, the other superiors and the officials, who are involved on a daily basis in guiding associations of the faithful and other entities recognized or erected by the Holy See. A statutory text, explained the Undersecretary, is a guardianship of the charism, a guardianship guaranteed by the authority of the Church that approves the statutes, and that also makes use (...) of the experience gained in accompanying the life and development of associations of the faithful".

The importance of living the responsibility of governance as a service

Linda Ghisoni then went on to remind the assembly of the participants, gathered recently in Chianciano at the 21st edition of the Convention, of the importance of living the responsibility of governance as a service to the specific charism, and to the brothers and sisters who share it. “Knowing that we are servants of the gifts we have received, in that we are friends, sisters and brothers of the Lord, gives us authentic confidence and freedom to serve.

" With the encouragement to persevere in the gift "received for the common good," she concluded by urging those present to adopt the Holy Father's prayer intentions and evangelization priorities that he never ceases to point out.

09 May 2023