Associations and Movements

The Federation of European Scouting visits the Dicastery

Communion, Fraternity among Peoples, and Service: Scouts and their Educational Methods


The Secretary of the Dicastery, Mr. Gleison de Paula Souza, welcomed the Federal Bureau of the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe (UIGSE-FSE). Mr. Gleison de Paula Souza was accompanied by the presence of Fr. Giovanni Buontempo, carrying responsibility for relations with associations and movements, and further complimented by the company of Dr. Philip Milligan, from the legal office of the Dicastery.

Federation President Jean-Luc Angélis, Federal Commissioner Nathalie Flama, Secretary Robin Sébille, and Treasurer Tanguy Desrousseaux, were accompanied by Spiritual Counselor, the Dominican Fr. Thomas Michelet, who addressed the audience along with a delegation from Poland. The Polish delegates were representing over seven thousand of their national member associates.

The visiting group had the opportunity to engage in conversation with the Secretary and members of the Dicastery, the topics of which showcased the Federation's activities, including its participation in the recent World Youth Day in Lisbon, where nearly 800 member-volunteers were involved, as well as the scouting association’s future projects.

At the end of this meeting, the Secretary encouraged those present to cultivate communion, fraternity among people, and service, all of which are characteristics of the educational and growth methods of Scouting.


Meeting with the Scouts of Europe
30 January 2024