#sport4all: the role of sport in building a community

The second day focused on the word “cohesive” and Thomas Bach and Mons. Gobilliard gave their speeches


The second day of the "Summit: Sport for All" began in St. Peter's Basilica with the celebration of the Holy Mass presided by mons. Emmanuel Gobillard, bishop delegate for Paris 2024 Olympic Games and auxiliary bishop of Lyon. The participants then headed to the New Synod Hall  to continue discussions and lectures.

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, began by recalling the motto of the Olympic Games "Citius, Altius, Fortius - Communiter". During his speech, he insisted several times on the peace and the universal unity: “at the Olympic Games, the athletes embody this peace mission when they set aside all the differences that divide the world. The Olympic Games are the only event that unites the entire world in peaceful competition. The athletes from all across the world compete fiercely with each other for the highest prize, while at the same time living peacefully together under one roof in the Olympic Village. This makes the Olympic and Paralympic Games a powerful symbol of peace”.

Mons. Emmanuel  Gobillard developed the theme "Communio", thus focusing on the role of sport in building a community. He explained that "sport puts everyone on an equal footing and we have all witnessed the fact that, whatever the social background, age or profession of the supporters, when they meet in a stadium, in a fan zone or in front of a television screen, they are united by the same passion and are capable of falling into the arms of their neighbor at the first goal scored by their team”.

As the day before, the speeches were followed by actions and the participants first took part in the short plenary discussion and then met in working groups to reflect on the community aspect of sport.

In the afternoon, all participants will be received by Pope Francis in an Audience at the Paul VI Hall.

30 de septiembre de 2022