International Movement of the Apostolate for Children



International Movement of the Apostolate for Children



MIDADE (Mouvement International d’Apostolat des Enfants)






The origins of MIDADE date back to 1936 when Fr Gaston Courtois instituted the Coeurs vaillants et Âmes vaillantes movement in France, for boys and girls aged between 8 and 15. In 1956 it changed its name to Action Catholique de l’Enfance (ACE). When the movement spread beyond France, an International Commission was established in 1958, and in 1962 ACE held its first international meeting. MIDADE was founded in 1966 at the second international meeting of the Movement held in Rome. Recognised by the Holy See in 1973 as an International Catholic Organisation, MIDADE is a member of the Conference of ICOs. As an NGO, it has consultative status with Ecosoc, Unicef and the ILO.



MIDADE is an evangelisation and grassroots education movement, working for the human and Christian growth of children in order to prepare them to undertake an apostolic commitment as youths and adults. The MIDADE educational approach is based on the conviction that children are already fully persons, capable of transforming the world around them. It provides an educational pathway characterised by the "see, judge, act, celebrate" method, which helps small children to overcome difficulties, respect diversity, and act to build up the Kingdom of God. The Movement is addressed to children of every race, culture and creed, offering them a personal and community education which gives pride of place to play as the first medium for learning.



MIDADE is headed by the General Assembly, made up of delegates from the member movements, which meets every four years and elects the members of the International Team. This Team is responsible for implementing the programmes decided on at the Assembly, and comprises the President, three Vice Presidents, two Secretaries General, and the Ecclesiastical Assistant. The Movement also has a General Secretariat, to which the President, the Ecclesiastical Assistant and the Secretaries General belong. It is possible to join MIDADE as member movements, observer movements, and partner movements.



Enfants en movement, a six monthly magazine in French, English and Spanish.



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