Yes to Life!

Lord, thank you for the wonderful gift of life!

It is always an amazing mystery for us

to know that you have created us in Your image and likeness.

Help us to recognize the beauty of every human life, 

to proclaim every day, with words and deeds,

an unequivocal Yes to Life, even in the most extreme frailty

 and every condition or stage of life. 

Remove from us the pressure of a throwaway culture,

so that all may come to know and understand

the wonder and uniqueness of life announced within the womb of every woman;

so that every child can feel loved and embraced

by the tenderness and loving care of the Father through our hands

Give us, Lord, the hope to know within the depth of our hearts

that anguish shall be transformed into joy, and every tear will be wiped away,

in the fullness of the beatific union with You.


Thank you Lord Jesus.