San Lorenzo International Youth Centre

The Centro San Lorenzo is an international centre dedicated entirely to the youth of the world.  It is a place of prayer, of discovering Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, and of encountering other young Catholics.

The Centro was founded in 1983 by John Paul II so that young pilgrims may be enriched and formed in their faith within the context of prayer, Sacraments and Catholic community. This mission of ministering to the youth was further established in 1984 when the Centro became the official home of the World Youth Day Cross.  Since 2003, it has also housed the icon of Mary Salus Populi Romani, which accompanies the Cross on its missions.  Each year, thousands of youth from all over the world come to the Centro in order to venerate the World Youth Day Cross.

The Centro San Lorenzo is under the patronage of the Dicastery of Laity, Family and Life and the generous support and donations from its friends and patrons.


"San Lorenzo" International Youth Centre

Via Padre Pancrazio Pfeiffer, 24 - 00193 ROMA
+39 06 6988 5332