European Meeting on Youth Ministry

Rome, 11-14 December 2014

Copertina IV Convegno Europeo Inglese

Le giornate del Convegno

Thursday 11 December

Young people and the Church in Europe


Card. Stanisław Ryłko, President of the PCL; ITA   ENG
Card. Angelo Bagnasco, Vice President of the CCEE ITA


PRESENTATION: To recognise the signs of the times (EG 51)
Young Europeans today: their strengths, their difficulties, their expectations (Professor Valérie Becquet)

PRESENTATION: The Church in dialogue with the younger generations at a time of “educational emergency” (Archbishop Wojciech Polak) ITA

DISCUSSION GROUPS: Young people in search of Christ: the response of the Church

Card. Stanisław Ryłko, President PCPL; ENG


Friday 12 December

Evangelii Gaudium: Let us allow ourselves to be challenged by the joy of the Gospel


PRESENTATION: “It has always been done this way ...”: but the Spirit opens up new paths
Youth ministry in the light of Evangelii Gaudium (Rev. Fabio Attard) ENG ITA

PANEL: A call to pastoral conversion
- The kind of pastor/educator needed by young people today ESP ITA
- Together in the Church: the contribution of Catholic associations to renewal in youth ministry (EG 105) FRA  FRA ppt ITA
- Fidelity to the essentials: Christian initiation and transmission of the faith  ENG ITA
- Pastoral ministry with young people: to acknowledge their spaces for thought, planning and action ITA Ppt

DISCUSSION GROUPS: The courage to innovate
A ‘revolution’ in youth ministry in the light of Evangelii Gaudium


Saturday 13 December

Missionary disciples in today’s world


PRESENTATION: The young have immense potential for good and for creative possibilities – how can it be released? (Prof. Franco Nembrini) ITA

WITNESS: To live out and bear witness to the joy of the Gospel
- Young people’s solidarity in facing the evils present in the world
- The social and political commitment of young people
- A place to preserve and radiate faith: youth and family (cf. EG 86)

PRESENTATION: Young “pilgrim missionaries” (EG 106)
The influence of WYD on youth ministry in Europe (Rev. Michel Remery) ENG

WITNESS: Happy to bring Jesus to every street, to every town square and every corner of the earth (EG 106)  
- The leading role of young people in parish renewal, ‘environments of living communion and participation’ (EG 28) ENG
- In the ‘desert’ there is a need for young people of faith (EG 86) to bring hope to schools, universities and workplaces FRA FRA ITA
- Throw out the nets but avoid getting entangled: young ‘fishers of people’ in the digital world FRA
- Contagious joy that comes from saying yes to God’s call   ENG

Card. Stanisław Ryłko, President PCPL; ITA

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European Meeting on Youth Ministry