Dublin World Meeting, website on line

Available in five languages and full of multimedia contents

The website for the Dublin World Meeting of Families is online. This site—available in Italian, English, French, Spanish, and Irish Gaelic—is full of useful information and thematic insights. From the official hymn, composed by Ephrem Feeley, to the prayer of the Meeting, which will be presented on August 21st, during the novena to Our Lady of Knock, along with the icon of the Holy Family, and including the logo as well as material, curiosities, programmes and suggestions, the portal is an indispensable resource in the preparation for this great family encounter.

A special section is reserved for the six-part programme “Amoris - Let’s talk Family! Let’s be Family,” based on Pope Francis’ Exhortation “Amoris Laetitia,” which will be proposed to the parishes in fall. All the liturgical resources related to the project and the schedule of the preparatory events are available online.

Those interested in the different ways to support WMOF2018 can find all the information necessary for contributing with a simple donation or by becoming a sponsor, as well as by making proposals, through prayer, or collaborating as volunteers. In the “Ireland” section, you will find information about the country, the necessary visas and passports, accommodation tips, and directions on how to get tickets for events.


EN: The new website for #WMOF2018 is live and full of resources and links IT: Il nuovo sito dell'Incontro Mondiale delle Famiglie 2018 è online

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You can follow the events and the news by subscribing to the newsletter and on the Media Centre, which contains a page for press releases and contact information for professionals. Moreover, very useful multimedia contents and interviews can be accessed from this site. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Pinterest “buttons” allow social network friends to follow the Meeting on each of these platforms, while contributions will be uploaded to the YouTube channel and the iCatholic app, available for Android and iOs.

17 July 2017