New Families

Loppiano: Families in the spotlight

Family Highlights in Loppiano: 1,000 present and 10,000 contacts. The Gospel is for the family!

From Cardinal K. Farrell’s correspondence with the leaders of the Focolare Movement’s New Families section, we have chosen to present the testimony of an event—among the many being held in different countries—that took place in Loppiano, at the Focolare citadel near Florence, and brought together 800 participants from around the world, including families of other Christian denominations and religions, and even some non-believers. The participation of some Muslim couples, among others from Syria and areas war-affected, was significant. Their participation at the Holy Father’s Wednesday Audience, on March 13th, was greatly appreciated.

The event’s topics included the weave of family relationships, love as a tool and response to the family’s critical situations, and the family as a creative resource for the social fabric of every people. There were workshops on issues such as the couple’s relationship in life’s different seasons, education, and pastimes. Simultaneously, experts from the fields of anthropology, theology, and a variety of human disciplines gathered for a Seminar (which led to the idea of continuing the exchange by creating Family Studies Center with the support of the Sophia University Institute). Later, in Castelgandolfo, two schools were held: one for families (350 participants) and the other for married Focolare couples (80 participants) who accompany other couples.

04 May 2017