JP2 Institute

Bioethics and Formation

The start of the new biennium for the Master’s Degree promoted jointly with the Bioethics Institute of the Catholic University

The Pontifical Institute for the Family - with its 35 years of anthropological studies on the truth about man and about  woman, on love, on marriage and the family, on the light in Cristian revelation – joins up with the experience of the Institute of Bioethics  and Medical Humanities at the Catholic University, in contact with the most hotly debated issues in medicine and in international dialogue.  This combination generated the II level University Master’s Degree “Bioethics and Formation”, now going ahead also for the 2018/2020 biennium.

Among the objectives of the Master, explain the promoters, “ is to offer a rigorous academic and interdisciplinary formation related to the interventions on human life in the  age of technology within the context of fundamental anthropological, theological-moral and juridical references and placing them, in particular, in the perspective of family centrality; provide the appropriate tools for placing bioethical issues in the different contexts of formation - aiming at the formation of the trainers – and consultation”.

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05 November 2018