World Meeting of Families

Mangan (Teams of Our Lady), “Devoting time to understanding where we’ve lagged behind in our relationships”


“We would all like to experience the joy of love in our marriage and in our family life. However, we know that we are likely to encounter many challenges, setbacks, and suffering in our lives. These aspects have worsened in today’s world because of its rapid social, economic, and cultural changes.” John Mangan, delegate of the Teams of Our Lady, said this in his intervention at this morning’s panel session on Strengthening Marriage & the Family Today, at the World Meeting of Families being held in Dublin. Presenting the commitment for the couples and the families of his association, Mangan explained: “our first effort” is to “take time for quality communication.” “We aim to spend at least one hour each month speaking together, away from distractions. We share our joys, our concerns, our hopes and fears in order to understand where we might be lagging behind in our relationship.” Indicating the other fundamental obligation of the teams, Mangan highlighted the commitment to “regularly spend time for our relationship with God.” The next step for couples is to “find time to pray together. This makes it easier and more normal to engage in family prayer.” In the Teams, couples participate in a yearly retreat, which some call a “Day for your marriage;” this is “a moment to take stock and to discern our relationship with others, our values, and our relationship with God. We, therefore, reflect with our husband or wife on the security of our love and on mutual trust.” Finally, there is the commitment to “go out to meet couples and families to show them the joy of love and its source in a loving God, the great hope for the future.”



24 August 2018
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