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Writings on Ethics, Family and Life

The words of Cardinal Scola on the posthumous volume by Cardinal Carlo Caffarra
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A few days ago, the posthumous volume “Writings on Ethics, Family and Life” by Cardinal Carlo Caffarra was presented at the Pontifical “John Paul II” Theological Institute.  In presenting the text, Cardinal Angelo Scola, Archbishop Emeritus of Milan, pointed out the centrality for Caffarra of “the essential ecclesial nature of the seven sacraments as the means of salvation by which the faithful, in any condition or state, are called to holiness. Marriage, family and the wounds of marriage cannot be considered in the context of the Divine Family as separate from the sacramental concept”.

“Tradition, Scripture and Magisterium”: these, for the Archbishop Emeritus are the three pivots of the deceased cardinal’s teachings, “animated by the desire for a constant dialogue with civil society and the established authorities”.

Recalling his “profound 35-year friendship with Don Carlo”, Scola mentioned the “depth and radicalness of his Christian witness, his openness to dialogue with everybody, above all with confused young people during their emotional journey”. “He sought the truth without half measures, without timidity, without false prudence dictated by politics, including ecclesiastic politics”, the Cardinal concluded.

At the end of the meeting, the Auditorium was dedicated to the deceased Cardinal, the founding president of the Pontifical “John Paul II” Theological Institute.



15 December 2018
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