Lay Faithful

"Making God’s Dream" Come True

encuentro laicos.jpg

Linda Ghisoni, Under Secretary, will attend the meeting of the lay faithful parishioners that has been organized in Spain by Acción Católica General from 1st through 4th August 2019.  The event, of a training and formative nature that coincides with the tenth anniversary of Acción Católica General, will take place in Avila, at the Universidad de la Mística and the Seminario Mayor.  The theme will be “Making God’s Dream Come True”. 

“After the III General Assembly of the Association,  that in 2017 gathered together 1,200 parishioners  from over 50 Spanish dioceses, the objective” – explained the organizers – is to take concrete action in answer to the requests expressed by Pope Francis in the ‘Evangelii Gaudium’ and ‘Gaudete et Exsultate’, in order to be always more present and witnesses of God’s love”.

25 July 2019