Engaged and Married Couples

Before and After Cana

The Friars Minor of Umbria and the “Great Mystery” Project: a meeting of pastoral care operators for engaged couples and a course in Nuptial Theology

Two events for a whole week in the home of Saint Francis. First, the 6th meeting for the critical review of marriage preparation courses for couples involving the “Great Mystery” project and the Friars Minor of Umbria; three intensive days (1-3 February) to help family pastoral care operators (couples, lay faithful, priests, members of religious orders) to answer Pope Francis’s call  related to the pressing “need for a permanent catechumenate for the Sacrament of marriage involving  preparation, the celebration itself and the first moments of married life”. The name “Before and After Cana” alludes to the belief that “the gift of the good wine of love spreads its roots and becomes present commencing from the simple water poured into the purification jars”.

Afterwards, to elaborate in more depth on the theological and pastoral gift of Nuptial Theology, an intensive course organised by the Theological Institute of Assisi and the ISSR – Higher Institute of Religious Sciences, Assisi, always in collaboration with the  “Great Mystery” Project, from 7 to 10 February 2019.  A wide range of recipients (students, families, single persons, pastoral operators, priests and members of religious communities) and theological subjects (Sacred Scriptures, Trinity and Anthropology, Patristics and Liturgy, Christology and Ecclesiology; Magisterium and Theology, Pastoral Care).

15 January 2019