Lay Faithful

Website providing initiatives that reaches out to the lay faithful


During the first Dicastery’s first Plenary Assembly, a new website that features initiatives and “best practices” from around the world that contribute to the formation of the lay faithful was presented.

The mission of the website, is to be a point of reference for pastoral agents, lay movements, and anyone who is interested in finding ways to get involved with the lay faithful in their countries and communities.

The initiatives listed on the site are only just a piece of the bigger picture that works towards the fruitful mission of serving the laity. Considering the numerous practices throughout the world, the initiatives selected are examples that has had success with the laity in their countries and can be proposed in many more. That is why the projects are presented in a particular that helps the reader understand what the project entails and why it may be useful to the laity in their own communities.

The idea of the Dicastery providing such an essential website was born after an international meeting on the formation of the laity that was held last year. Representatives from various Bishops Conferences presented to the Dicastery some of their best practices that promote and evangelize the lay faithful in their respective countries. Prior to the meeting, a letter was also sent to all of the Bishops Conferences requesting information in regard to their work with the laity.

Gathering the information that was received, a wide range of initiatives were able to be featured on the website including educational programs, projects in relation to new evangelization, and written works.

Work towards offering and shedding light on more projects and initiatives to the public through this site will be ongoing, as the Dicastery plans to update it with additional best practices throughout the next months. 

22 November 2019