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Witnesses of Christ’s love for his people

Cardinal Farrell’s video message on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of “Couples for Christ”
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“You are important for the life of the Church today: you are called to offer a great testimony to the modern world, a world which suffers from maladies such as individualism, which leads us to looking at only our own personal interests. The love you nourish for each other becomes one of the most important aspects for teaching the word of God.” These are the words that the Prefect of the Dicastery, Card. Kevin Farrell, communicated in a video message to the “Couples for Christ” movement, which in recent days has celebrated the 39th anniversary of its foundation.

“Marriage,” continued the Prefect, “is the sacrament with which you show the world the love and presence of Christ within families and in society. This is the mission you have, and which I encourage you to continue. Be witnesses of Christ’s love for his people.”


24 June 2020