Pope Francis

The Pope calls for lay women to take on greater leadership roles in the Church

In the “Pope Video” for October, the missionary month, Pope Francis calls for the promotion of greater integration of the lay faithful, especially women, in areas of responsibility in the Church
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The Pope Video for October has just been published, revealing the intention that Pope Francis is entrusting to the entire Catholic Church through the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (which includes the Eucharistic Youth Movement - EYM). During this missionary month, the Holy Father highlights the role of the laity, whom he considers true protagonists in the proclamation of the Gospel. He asks especially that women be given participation in “areas of responsibility in the Church.” This video has been produced in collaboration with our Dicastery with participation from senior Vatican officials and from Vatican Media journalists.

Dr. Linda Ghisoni, Under-Secretary for the Lay Faithful, reflects: “In the October 2020 video dedicated to the mission of the laity in the Church, the Holy Father begins by speaking about Baptism. This is very important because it allows us to understand that the desire to have greater participation on the part of laity—and of women in particular­—in areas of responsibility of the Church should not be interpreted as if it were a sociological project, or a desire to ensure greater quotas for power sharing between women and men, or between laity and clergy. In other words, it’s not a demand for the opportunity to obtain jobs. Indeed, if we take cognizance of the meaning of our Baptism, we will understand what our place in the Church is: for the Church to be itself, it cannot do without the specific contributions of laity, of women, who by vocation are an integral part of it.”

Fr. Frédéric Fornos S.J., International Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, observes that “since 2013, much has been accomplished, but more needs to be done.” He calls to mind words of Pope Francis from Evangelii Gaudium: “Demands that the legitimate rights of women be respected, based on the firm conviction that men and women are equal in dignity, present the Church with profound and challenging questions which cannot be lightly evaded” (EG 104). Regarding this video, in which Francis promotes “the integration of women in the settings where important decisions are made,” Fr. Fornos points out that “by virtue of Baptism, we are all called to faithfully proclaim and serve the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to be missionary disciples of the Lord. Nonetheless, among the lay faithful, women have been consciously and unconsciously relegated to an inferior level. As Francis reminded us in Querida Amazonia, many women, moved by the Holy Spirit, keep the Church alive in many parts of the world with remarkable devotion and deep faith. It’s essential that they participate more and more in areas where decisions are made. This requires a profound change of mentality; it requires our conversion, which implies prayer.”


08 October 2020