Prayer for the lay faithful and families throughout the world


We are sharing the following prayer of Fr. Francesco Dell'Orco, pastoral assistant at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, which was inspired by our message of 6 March 2020 to the lay faithful and families.



Prayer for the lay faithful and families throughout the world


O God our Father, Creator and Lord of Life, we thank you for giving us life, the source of every other good. In this time of pandemic, help us with your merciful omnipotence. With trust we cast ourselves into Your most tender embrace, mindful of the words of Your Son, Jesus: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Have faith in God and have faith also in me. I have conquered the world.” Let us not feel alone in the face of this invisible and insidious disease, for we have Your protection, O most merciful Father, You who watch over each one of us with infinite love.


We thank You for the gift of our brothers and sisters, who share with us this journey of life and solidarity in the present time and in the times that are yet to come; and for the gift of Your Church as the community of healing and a shelter of hope for all those suffering from COVID-19. Help us to confront this international health emergency with seriousness, serenity, and courage, making us ready also for great sacrifices to our daily lifestyles for the sake of the common good.


Preserve from every evil those who practice the medical profession, nurses, first responders, scientific researchers, and all those committed to the alleviation of the suffering and anxiety provoked by the onset of this contagion and to discovering effective forms of treatment for this disease. Give them light and strength so that they may continue to dedicate themselves generously to their mission, spending for the sake of this good cause the best of the energies and intellectual talents You have given them.


Bless those families who are called to accompany, as far as possible, their members affected by COVID-19, or to care for the elderly who cannot leave their house due to the risk of contagion. Bless also those who are more vulnerable because of a pre-existing condition, and the children who must remain home from school. Look with special favor upon the families who live in places in the world which are poor in economic resources and social assistance, especially those families in which the husband, wife or other family members are risk of unemployment due to the consequences of the epidemic on production, trade, transport, education, and other civic activities.


In these very difficult circumstances, we recognize that the communion of love between spouses and their children—which is your free gift—is a most precious resource for the whole of society and for each person who is in danger of experiencing loneliness. We praise You and we bless You for having thought, in Your wise foresight as Creator, of the spousal relationship between man and woman, which at this dramatic hour of our history unfolds before us in all its truth. By Your grace, let the family be an outpouring force in each person’s sense of responsibility, solidarity, strength and prudence, and sharing and mutual help in this great difficulty.


O merciful Father, in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, pour out the gifts of your Holy Spirit upon our families so that they grow in unity and peace.


Holy Family of Nazareth, pray for us!



01 April 2020