WYD Magazine

WYD Magazine, a tribute to John Paul

The John Paul II Youth Foundation published a new issue of the World Youth Day Magazine


This special issue of the magazine pays tribute to John Paul II by commemorating his World Youth Days. They cover twenty years of history - from 1984 to 2004 - during which time the Foundation has followed and promoted the Days, just as it continues to follow and promote them today.

The magazine, produced with the contribution and testimonies of some of the directors in charge of youth ministry in various countries, aims at giving an account of St. John Paul II's intuition concerning the pastoral care of young people and the opportunities for encounter and experience of faith realized through World Youth Days.

We have witnessed many young people come out of this experience with a renewed spirit. The WYD has been an opportunity for many young people to meet, but also amongst themselves and their Pastors and, above all, with the Pope. They also provided an opportunity for the Bishops to meet with young people and to listen to their concerns, problems and desires. For many, the Days were a chance for a more sincere and profound encounter with Christ, an opportunity to renew their faith and to feel like active members of the Church; some discovered their vocation to a special consecration, and new families were formed.

In short, through the use of many images, the magazine, now available on line on this site, provides an account of all this

22 October 2021