Saints who will walk alongside the Youth towards Lisbon 2023

The Local Organizing Committee presented the 13 Patron Saints of WYD Lisbon 2023


St. John Paul II, St. John Bosco, St. Vincent, St. Anthony, St. Bartholomew of the Martyrs, St. John de Brito, Blessed Joanna of Portugal, Blessed John Fernandes, Blessed Maria Clara of the Child Jesus, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, Blessed Marcel Callo, Blessed Chiara Badano and Blessed Carlo Acutis - these are the 13 patron saints of the upcoming WYD 2023, chosen by the Lisbon Local Organizing Committee.

As the Patriarch of Lisbon, Card. Manuel Clemente explains, these patron saints are those"who have dedicated themselves to the service of youth". The Patriarch also recalls that in addition to the 13 Saints and Blesseds of the Catholic Church, the WYD and its participants have the Virgin Mary as their Patron Saint par excellence. "She, who arose and went in haste to the mountain to meet her cousin Elizabeth, bringing her the Jesus she had conceived. In this way, she teaches the young people of every time and place to bring Jesus to others who are waiting for Him, now as then!" - says the Cardinal.

The organizers have chosen May 18 - the birthday of he who initiated and created the WYD, St. John Paul II - as the date to present the Patron Saints.

For the first time, then, all the dioceses in Portugal-which will welcome young pilgrims from various countries in a little over a year's time-are choosing their patron saints of reference, who will accompany the path of spiritual and logistical preparation in each diocesan reality.

The next WYD in Lisbon 2023, will be celebrated from August 1-6, 2023, and its theme are the words from the Gospel: “Mary arose and went with haste” (Lk 1:39).

18 May 2022