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Passion for a renewed humanity in Christ is specific to Christians

The words of Card. Kevin Farrell at the 8th Assembly of IFCA- International Forum of Catholic Action


On Saturday, Nov. 26 and Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, the International Forum of Catholic Action, the organization that gathers and coordinates the world's Catholic Action associations, celebrated its 8th Assembly preceded by an international conference. "Catholic Action. Passion for a Renewed Humanity in Christ" was the theme at the center of the event that took place over two afternoons, online and in-presence, at the Domus Mariae in Rome (Armida Barelli Hall, Via Aurelia 481).

The session was opened on Saturday 26 at 2 p.m. by Rafael Ángel Corso, current IFCA Coordinator, and Giuseppe Notarstefano, National President of Italian Catholic Action.

The event opened with a welcoming video message from Card. Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life.

The Prefect greeted those present and those who were connected online, reminding them that: "You have chosen as the theme of your meeting: Catholic Action. Passion for a renewed humanity in Christ. The choice to use the word 'passion' to define the apostolate of Catholic Action is a bold one. In our highly secularized world, it is not at all common for religious commitments to inspire 'passion'. If we think about it, today, for the vast majority of people, the things that evoke passion are all things related to the individual: travel, art, sports, the possibility of career advancement and, therefore, greater economic well-being, sentimental and emotional ties. These are things that stimulate a certain 'passion' because they somehow feed one's 'self'. Today we are witnessing an 'escape toward individualism'. We seem to seek only what belongs to the restricted personal sphere and what is linked to the moment, to the present, to something that gives satisfaction now, here and for me. That which, on the other hand, builds relationships, leaves a mark on society, does not look at the here and now, but sets out to lay the foundations for a better future, for us and for others, generates little interest".

The Dicastery's Prefect continued, encouraging the participants: "In the face of all this, you can well understand that it is courageous and countercultural to speak of 'passion' and, above all, to link this passion to a 'humanity renewed in Christ'. And yet, there is nothing more beautiful than to put oneself at the service of the Lord and His work of transforming and saving people. Feeling like messengers of God's love, instruments of His grace to reach every heart, to touch every soul, to renew every existence: this is truly what can awaken so many people, and especially young people, from apathy. When we realize that we Christians have been chosen, called by the Lord for a universal mission, and that our faith is indeed a treasure of wisdom, happiness and reconciliation that we can share with others, how can we not feel 'a passion for the renewal of humanity in Christ'"?

At the end of the 8th Assembly, the member countries of the coordinating body of Catholic Action associations from all over the world elected the Secretariat that will guide IFCA's activities for the four-year term 2023-2026.

The Holy Father Pope Francis addressed a message of good wishes to the new IFCA leaders, and he also greeted the assembly participants present in Rome before the Angelus in St. Peter's Square.

28 November 2022