Announcing the value of marriage and family

The third #laityfamilylife podcast presents the "“Catechumenal Pathways for Married Life”


We continue in the podcast series of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, talking about the preparation of engaged couples for marriage, and the suggestions offered by our Dicastery in the Catechumenal Pathways for married life.

After the opening episode, which focused on grandparents and the elderly, and the one dedicated to the IYAB, the International Youth Advisory Board, this time the spotlight is on the Catechumenal Itineraries for married life, a document that in many dioceses and parishes around the world is beginning to be used as an effective tool to change the way of announcing the vocation to marriage. 

Online in Italian and English, the third episode of the series of six podcasts produced by the Dicastery responds to the question "How can we announce to young people the inestimable value of marriage and the family?" and proposes itineraries to accompany young people and couples for a more effective proclamation of the sacrament, adapted to the reality of our time.

The itineraries aim to involve all areas of pastoral care, from childhood to youth and adults, in a transversal way. Thus, from the proclamation of marriage as a personal call and 'for two', they accompany engaged couples in discernment, in the rediscovery of faith and in the understanding of the meaning of marriage as a sacrament, so that even after the celebration of the rite, they may continue to nourish themselves and grow in love, despite the difficulties of everyday life.

The next appointments will focus on topics related to human life, lay people and church movements.

You can listen or re-listen to the podcasts on the Dicastery's website, on the official YouTube channel and on the Spotify platform.

29 September 2023