Family Amoris Laetitia Year

Marriage is worth it!

From 7 – 14 February, the Church in the Unites States celebrates National Marriage Week

From 7 – 14 February, coinciding with both the beginning of Lent and St. Valentine’s Day, the Catholic Church in the Unites States will celebrate National Marriage Week, as a time to reflect on the gift of the sacrament of marriage.

This initiative, which was first celebrated in February 2012, has the goal of promoting commitment to a culture of life and family love—not only on an ecclesial level, but also within the civic community. It also seeks to strengthen marriages, support and encourages married couples, reduce the instances of marital separation, and make the lay faithful more aware of the grace of the nuptial sacrament.

On the occasion of National Marriage Week, with this year’s theme of “To Have, to Hold, to Honor,” the Catholic Church in the United States is making pastoral resources for couples and families freely available. Downloadable online, these resources will foster a more intense nuptial spirituality through prayer, both in the home and in the community, by means of reflection meetings, the family rosary, and spiritual retreats for spouses.

All of the information on this initiative can be found on the website:

07 February 2021