They are not rejected stones

Vittorio Scelzo's intervention in "Vita Pastorale" on the occasion of the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly.

"Establishing the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly should be read in light of other positions expressed during Pope Francis’ pontificate. He moves from a broad conception of the holy faithful people of God rooted in the Aparecida Document and the theology of the people."

Mr. Vittorio Scelzo, head of the Dicastery's office for the pastoral care of the elderly, commented with these words in an article in the July issue of the magazine "Vita Pastorale" on Pope Francis' decision to call a special day for the elderly. Scelzo continued "It is a disorganized and polyhedral people, who very much resemble the crowds of blind, crippled and lame who followed Jesus and offer a very realistic picture of the actual composition of our church communities. The challenge seems to be that of building up a spiritual structure beginning with what is apparently only rubble, structurally inadequate to support considerable weight. In evangelical terms - we must use rejected stones as cornerstones."

The Day celebrated on July 25 can be a valuable opportunity to begin a new era in which the elderly are the protagonists: "many of them have been living in isolation for more than a year and are today experiencing the consequences of the Covid virus and that of solitude. The Pope invites us to promise each of them: «I am with you always»."

15 July 2021
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